Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

The coach has added doping into the food of Ostapchuk

"During the inquiry of the case of dope taken by sportswoman Nadezhda Ostapchuk it was found out that her coach prescribed the drug," Aleksandr Vanhadlo, the director of Belarus' National Anti-Doping Agency (the NADA) told reporters on Tuesday.

"We have got the acknowledgment from the coach Aleksandr Efimov that while being afraid of low results he added prohibited substance into the sporstwoman`s food without her knowledge," he said to the news agency Interfax-Zapad.

According to him, for the coach it was a rather psychological moment. "Efimov was not sure about the advantage of Ostapchuk over another sportswomen before the Olympics," the director of the NADA noted.

It was decided to disqualify Aleksandr Efimov for 4 years on the basis of the results of the inquiry and on explanations of N.Ostapchuk and on the coaches confession, as Aleksandr Vanhadlo said. "Considering the fact that Ostapchuk did not know that she had taken prohibited substance, it was decided to regard the situation as an exception. There is no fault of the sportswoman, therefore it was decided to disqualify Ostapchuk for 1 year," he said.

According to him, the decision has been sent to the International Athletics Federation. After consideration, it will be determined if the judgment will be upheld. "Confession has been got on the Efimov`s own accord. He has this drug because of the special reasons and it is not connected to sports, but to the medicine. I don’t want do any detailed comments on it," he added.

The chairman of the Directorate of the National teams of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Belarus Andrei Fomochkin has reported that it will be cut of wages and scholarship for coach and the sportswoman.

As Alyaksandr Vanhadlo noticed, N.Ostapchuk had said that if she was disqualified for year she would continue the trainings. "Three years for the preparation to the next Olypmics is enough for such sportswoman as Ostapchuk," the NADA said.

A.Vandahlo said that in the middle of August the International Olympic Committee (the IOC) had placed information on its webpage that N.Ostapchuk had won a gold medal in London and afterwards has been disqualified for taking prohibited substance.

The IOC said that during the doping test of Belorussian sportswoman a drug called methenolone has been detected, which is illegal to take for sportsmen.