Updated at 15:24,15-04-2021

Kozik: Europe pays $100 for withdrawal from the FTUB

Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus Leonid Kozik visited the enterprise for stone extraction "Granite" in Mikashevichi (Brest region), where he met with the leaders and workers of the plant.

According to one of the meeting's participant, the head of FTUB said, that Europe is paying $100 for every person who is being "pulled" from the FTUB by the independent trade unions.

Leonid Kozik also warned "Granite" workers from the situation, where "free trade unions in Europe burn cars". At the same time, he said that free trade unions of "Naftan" in Navapolatsk, which, according to him, include 22 people, aim to guide the company, the worker Vasily, who was at the meeting, told Belarusian Office of "Radio Liberty".

"To say that we are given some money for "pulling out" from the official trade union - this is nonsense. Kozik shows he is the same system person, and like the whole our system is aimed at fooling people", said the leader of the independent trade union office of "Granite" Oleg Stahaevich.

As reported by Telegraf daily, in December 2011 about 600 workers of "Granite" have left the trade union organization of the enterprise, because they were not satisfied with the trade union and with low wages.

Then, about 430 workers of the enterprise "Granite" filed applications for dismissal, because they don't like salaries of 200-400 dollars, but they were refused to be dismissed without working out a month.