Updated at 00:33,05-08-2021

Trade Union leader resigned over conflict between influential groups in president’s entourage

Solidarity with Belarus information office

According to the Trade Unions Federation press office, Leonid Kozik, TUF head, submitted a resignation letter.

In 2002, President Lukashenko endorsed Kozik to lead the largest trade union in Belarus. Before becoming the TUF head, Kozik was Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration. Kozik was a loyal servant, ensuring full support for President Lukashenko by the trade unions during the past 13 years. His resignation was most likely due to the growing contradictions between him and other influential groups in the president’s entourage, as well as the enhanced anti-corruption campaign and frequent corruption scandals in his organisation. Most likely, President Lukashenko will be prompted to intervene and make a personal decision about Kozik’s future fate and career.