Updated at 15:24,15-04-2021

Police beat Vitebsk citizen for viewing an opposition website

An unprecedented event occurred in an Internet club at the railway station in Minsk.

This morning, May 8, coming to the internet club at the railway station in Minsk, the head of the Internet project "Electronic Vitebsk" was literally thrown out, because he read the opposition news site charter97.org.

"The woman who took my payment for the use of Internet and wrote down my passport number, came up to me and said: "Please, close the site! "Naturally, I wondered why I should do this? ... I have not received an answer. She's gone ... and just in 5 minutes returned with a police officer who took me by the "scruff" and pulled from the internet club, telling me that I swore obscenities and insulted a police officer ... I was tightened into a room on the first floor, police officer started to beat me ... Later I was told, if they see me again at the railway station (namely the Internet club) it will be very, very bad! Here in this country we live in, where you can not even read the news!", the journalist told charter97.org.