Updated at 14:13,24-01-2022

Yaroshuk: Political order stands behind it


Yesterday, an information appeared that the activist of the independent trade union group in "Granite" enterprise Nikolay Karishev will be deprived of renewing contract. That is, his dismissal is being prepared.

Formally, the non-renewal of contract is justified by three disciplinary sanctions against the employee for the last month. Karishev is sure, the reason is his membership in the independent trade union group in the enterprise. And he is intending to fight for his rights. Alexander Yaroshuk, chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, who is actively supporting trade union activists of "Granite", commented on the situation to UDF.BY.

"For us, it's completely clear, a political order stands behind it: non-renewal is primarily connected with that Karishev was one of the founders of the independent trade union in "Granite", the trade union leader said. "And we intend not to keep this fact without attention, even in the face of our monstrous system of labor relations. After all, when almost all employees transferred to the system of fixed-term employment contracts, it is very difficult to legally challenge the non-renewal".

In any case, BCDTU is considering the protection of Nikolay Karishev in the context of defense strategy of the independent trade union as a whole. Yaroshuk emphasized, he would preferred not to talk about the specific steps and actions, but the situation around the "Granite" will soon be seriously analyzed. He has the intention to appeal on this issue in the Prosecutor's General Office and meet with the Minister of Labour.

"We are talking about an order from the very top to destroy the organization. It is clear, we must first try at the highest level, through international pressure to force the authorities to stop this lawlessness", the leader of BCDTU said. "Obviously, the aim is to destroy the organization, and the task is the pressure on people to force them to leave the union and the reprisal against the leaders".

With regard to the possible inclusion of his name in the infamous list of the restricted to travel abroad, then Yaroshuk finds such a tool of impact as frivolous in terms of the authorities' ability to influence people's attitudes, their willingness and determination to confront human rights violations.

"I do find these lists ridiculous. If they affect on me, they just strengthen my resolve to fight. To prevent in the future this shame, this horror, when people are banned from traveling outside the country", Alexander Yaroshuk said.

"Granite" for us is the moment of truth. We will defend the rights of workers as of "Granite" and the rights of workers of the country as a whole to create a trade union organization. In any possible way for us, both domestically and abroad", the head of the BCDTU concluded.