Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Zhanna Litvina also travel banned


On the morning of March 15, the chairperson of BAJ Zhanna Litvina was going to leave for Warsaw from airport "Minsk-2". Border guards at the passport control informed her that she was banned temporarily to leave the country, and put a travel ban stamp into her passport.

"By a bitter irony, it happened on the Constitution Day, whose 30th article guarantees freedom of movement to its citizens", said Zhanna Litvina. "As we see, the list of people banned to leave the country is being expanded, and the conflict deepens. Now the main thing for us is to get information from those who have made up this list, to learn the grounds for it".

Also, Mikhas Yanchuk, "Belsat TV" official representative, was banned to leave the country last night. His passport has also been stamped.

Today at 12:00 BAJ is holding a press-conference for journalists and BAJ members who have faced this difficulty lately.