Updated at 15:24,15-04-2021

Half of Belarusians don't believe in the guilt of Kovalev and Konovalov


By the results of December poll of IISEPS, 43.4% of respondents said they didn't believe in the guilt of Dmitry Konovalov and Vladislav Kovalev, sentenced to death for the terrorist attack case in subway.

37% of respondents believed in the guilt of sentenced. Sociologists point out, the majority of these people are supporters of the government. Among the opposition-minded Belarusians only 9% agreed with the investigation's version.

In addition, those who believe in the official version the most are women (42,6%), the elderly people (50,7%) and those whose education is limited by elementary school (67,4%).

In IISEPS they note, that level of Belarusian society's confidence in the judicial system is quite low. In June 2009, only 26.8% of Belarusians believed in equality of all citizens before the law, and in the ability of people, who hold senior positions, to avoid punishment - 32.5%. At the same time more than half of surveyed believed, that those who have money and connections can also escape punishment for crimes.

At the same time half of the Belarusians in 2009 agreed, that fear of punishment is the main driver of law compliance. On the second place, as a driver for people to law-abiding, the respondents put a habit, and only on the third place - the belief in the rightness of laws. The vast majority (53%) believes in the negative effects of mitigating a punishment for even minor offenses. But with the fact that mitigating a punishment will lead to positive consequences, agree only 28.7% - less than a third. The number of opponents of the death penalty - 42.4% in November 2010 - can not exceed the part of its supporters - 48.3% respectively.