Updated at 14:13,24-01-2022

Workers of “Granit“ left the official trade union and were shot

220 drivers of "Granit" processing enterprise left the official trade union, workers from other shops and factories of the unitary enterprise followed their example.

People don't feel the protection of their rights in current economic situation: prices are going up every day, and wages are the same.

Drivers of "Granit" enterprise in Mikashevichi who work in a quarry are paid ten times less than engineers. The trade union do nothing, so the workers decided to left the official trade union and to join the free trade union of Soligorsk miners, which was able to achieve an improvement of working conditions and higher wages for the miners.

Workers and their families who have written statements of withdrawal from the union, received threats from the leadership. But people don't give up.

"My friend's car was shot from a rifle", one of the dump truck drivers told regionby.org website.

"They phoned my parents with a request to bring me to reason, - excavator driver says. - They threatened to fire me! But who will work? We are hundreds!"

- They are running, moving, but what did they think before? Human patience is not endless!

Now, in Granit they established the primary independent trade union, elected leadership of the executive office and control committee.