Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Violent attacks on opposition members


Vital Pratasevich, an active participant of "Revolution by social network" group has been brutally beaten in Homel.

The guy was returning from work when he was attacked by a group of unknown men.

Radio Racyaja talked to Vital Pratesevich to clear out details of the incident. He noticed a group of strange young men on a trolleybus. Feeling the aggressive mood of the men, Protasevich got off one stop earlier. The group got off too.

They caught him up near the public garden and hit him in face several times. They split his eyebrow open, injured his forehead. The activist also has lots of bruises on his body.

The activist says the hooligans wore caps, hid their faces with scarves or pulled over sweaters.

Vital Pratasevich says he has received threats from security service officers after the latest protests actions in Homel. The activist hesitates whether he should file a complaint to police over beating.

We remind that Homel is the only Belarusian city where people continue to hold silent protest actions every Wednesday.