Updated at 14:17,22-06-2022

Vitsebsk opposition activist beaten by police, then fined


The activist was fined about 500 USD.

Nadzeya Kukanos is a human rights activist and secretary of the International Civil Association “For Honest Government”. According to Ms Kukanos, on June 5, she was beaten by Vitsebsk police officers in the local police station.

Earlier, the woman witnessed another case of police lawlessness: she videotaped law enforcement officials beating people on the street, and she later came to the police station to find out how her statement was treated.

On June 9, there was a hearing of the activist’s case. She was accused of disobedience and insulting police officers. According to police, Nadzeya Kukanos spat on the uniform of one of law enforcement officers and did not respond to demands to stop filming.

After the hearing the activist was taken to hospital.