Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Last defendant in “December 19 case“ was sentenced to three years of freedom restriction.


The defendant in "December 19 case", Sviatoslav Baranovich was sentenced by Moskovsky District Court of Minsk to three years of freedom restriction without sending to a correctional institution.

Sviatoslav Baranovich, as well as other in this case, accused of involvement in the riots on December 19, 2010.

The court agreed with the prosecutor and sentenced Sviatoslav Baranovich to three years of freedom restriction without sending him to a penal facility.

The trial over 25-years old Baranovich began on August 29. He was threatened with imprisonment for a term of three to eight years.

However, the young man pleaded guilty partially. He didn't deny that while being in the evening of 19 December on the Independence Square, he hit police shields, also with a baton, but he started to do this after he was hit with a baton on the head. The defendant pointed out that he didn't hit the police.

During the trial the victims from the special police forces staff of Minsk said that they didn't recognize Baranovich and claimed nothing against him.

In his final statement the defendant stated that "he didn't hit anybody on the head, as it is done by special forces staff". Baranovich asked the court to release him from punishment, because he had no criminal intent.