Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022

Poet Tatstsyana Sapach has died


Syarhei Dubavets and Tatstsyana Sapach have met with a road accident. The accident occurred on the night of December 28 in Lithuania. The family was coming home from their daughter’s who had given birth to their granddaughter not long before. Tatstsyana Sapach is a famous poet and TV journalist.

Syarhei Dubavets is in hospital with injuries and his wife Tatstsyana Sapach has died, reports Radio Liberty.

Syarhei’s sister Alena Dubavets has told BelaPAN that the road accident occurred in Lithuania, 100 km away from Vilnius at about 10 p.m. Syarhei and Tatstsyana were heading to Vilnius from their daughter’s in Minsk - she had given birth to their granddaughter not long before. Dubavets was driving and his wife was sitting next to him. He was driving at a rather low speed of about 80 km/h but the car skidded to the centre strip due to the icy road conditions and collided with a truck. Tatstsyana died and Syarhei is severely injured. According to his sister, he is at home in Vilnius now.

Tatstsyana Sapach was born in Maladzecha District of Minsk Province on August 26, 1962. She graduated from the journalism faculty of Belarusian State University. She founded a cultural programme "Albarosika" in the Belarusian radio in 1987. One of the authors of the "Political Geography Programme" of the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty. Editor and author of "Vilnius Writing-Book" on the Lithuanian National Television. Author of numerous translations from Lithuanian and Polish. Tatstsyana Sapach published her collection of verses "Autumn" in 1992 and "Let autumn never leave us" in 2008.