Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Mandatory Face Mask Regime Introduced In Minsk. How Will It Work?


Mandatory Face Mask Regime Introduced In Minsk. How Will It Work?
Photo: Кирилл Каллиников / РИА «Новости»
This was reported by the Minsk. Officially telegram channel. Later, chief sanitary doctor of the capital Svetlana Ermak gave the first explanations on how it ill work.

The innovation will apply not only to employees, but also to visitors of all objects of the capital, without exception, the Minsk city executive committee explained. It is also mandatory to wear a mask in public transport, metro, fixed-route taxis, taxis.

Control of compliance with the safety requirements in the city will be strengthened from today. The mask regime takes effect since 12 November and will be in force “until the epidemiological situation stabilizes”.

Responsibility for managers of facilities

Svetlana Yermak explained: “The managers of all objects of all forms of ownership are obliged to strongly recommend the population to use personal protective equipment, in particular masks, when visiting their facilities.

These are guidelines for the managers. Since the sanitary rules for the prevention of influenza and coronavirus infection provide for the implementation by all business entities […], the responsibility for their implementation rests with the heads of business entities.”

Fines for Minskers who do not wear masks have not yet been envisaged. However, the issue of “personal fines” is being considered.

“According to the Law On Healthcare, the responsibility for their health lies with each person. If a person cares about his health, values ​​it, then he should use a mask,” she said.

How is this going to work?

When asked whether people without masks would be “kicked out of transport”, the chief sanitary doctor of Minsk answered: “So far, such a mechanism is not provided.”

Regarding such objects as shops, Ermak explained: “… at the discretion of each manager of a facility. They can make a decision and refuse to serve customers [without masks – Ed.].”

As for schools and kindergartens, the sanitary rules which were updated last week remain in force. “In kindergartens and schools, staff must be wearing masks. In higher educational institutions, cadets, students and trainees must wear masks too,” she added.

Will there be enough masks?

Minsk chief sanitary doctor referred to the information of the main department of trade and services of the Minsk city executive committee. “There are enough masks in pharmacies and shopping centers: both household and medical ones. I think that there will be no problem to buy a mask,” said Ermak.

Recall that WHO recommends wearing masks in areas that have reported cases of COVID-19.

A mandatory mask regime was introduced in Mogilev on 5 November. Later, wearing masks became mandatory in the Gomel region, in Bobruisk, Osipovichi, Klichev and Krichev, then in Chaussky, Cherikovsky, Polotsk regions and Novopolotsk.