Updated at 14:13,24-01-2022

First Deputy of Ladutska Arrested


On Friday in his office first deputy chairman of Minsk Executive Committee Igor Vasiliev was detained.

As a reader of charter97.org informed, the official was arrested, according to a source, by the use of force security officers wearing masks.

This information has not yet confirmed. Secretary of Vasiliev said the first deputy chairman of the executive committee "temporarily is out of his office" and the press service of the Minsk City Executive Committee refused to comment anything.

In the Investigative Committee of Belarus there is no criminal case against Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Igor Vasiliev, the department of Information and Public Relations informed BelaPAN.

In the State Security Committee they also don't comment his detention. "No official comments, yet", said Deputy Head of the Agency Information Centre and Public Relations of the KGB, Arthur Strekh.

A spokesman for the Minsk City Executive Committee told BelaPAN that Vasilyev is officially on vacation.

Alexander Lukashenko agreed on the appointment of Igor Vasiliev as the First Deputy Chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee on October 4, 2010. Vasiliev became the manager of energy issues, utilities, of Tender Center and Gorremavtodor in Minsk City Executive Committee. This information is still available on the web-site of Minsk City Executive Committee. Already on July 5, under the leadership of Vassiliev City Commission meeting on road safety was held, which addressed the issue of parking in yard areas.

Vasiliev was born in 1960. In 1992, he graduated from the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute (BNTU since 2002). Before coming to Minsk City Executive Committee was the director of the Minsk Factory of Silicate Products.