Updated at 12:42,19-04-2021

Concert For 3,500 Spectators Will Take Place In Minsk On Victory Day


Concert For 3,500 Spectators Will Take Place In Minsk On Victory Day
Besides the upcoming Victory Day parade in Minsk, a gala-concert is planned to be held in Belarus capital on 9 May.

In addition to the festive procession on Płošča Pieramohi by day, there will be a concert by night – it will start at 9.30 pm and last for about half an hour.

The event is arranged by the Ministry of Culture, although it has not yet disclosed the program details. While it remains unclear who will perform at the event, one of the local celebrities confirmed his participation.

According to Alexander Soloduha, the concert will feature songs about hero cities. The singer also told what measures he will take to protect himself and others from coronavirus.

“As always, I will wear a mask. My driver and my sons will wear masks too. (…) I will go on stage and wipe down a microphone. After the show, I will put on my mask again and drive home by car. I won’t go to a dressing room and keep distance from everyone,” assured the singer.

According to the musician, the concert rehearsal will take place on the evening of 8 May. However, the concert will not have the presidential orchestra, which traditionlly accompany the performers on the Victory Day.

There will be orchestra chairs for 500 seats in the central part of the square, and about 3,000 seats for spectators around the monument. A pyrotechnic show is planned to take place right after the concert at 11 pm.