Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Belarus Considers 90-Day Visa-Free Regime For Foreigners As Future Possibility

BelTA / BelarusFeed

Belarus Considers 90-Day Visa-Free Regime For Foreigners As Future Possibility
Foreign citizens may be allowed to stay in Belarus without visas for 90 days, Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei said in an interview with a local channel.

Five, 10, 30 and now 90 days are mentioned!

When asked about prospects of extending the current five-day visa-free travel option up to 90 days, Vladimir Makei said: “I cannot rule it out”.

The official reminded that Belarus had already signed a number of agreements on visa-free stay for 30 days with Israel, the UAE, Qatar, to name a few.

Belarus is now working to extend the visa-free period up to ten days.

“A longer period may be allowed in the future,” added Vladimir Makei.

Belarus and tourists

As a transit country with an export-oriented economy Belarus is genuinely interested in making its visa regulations as attractive to foreigners as possible, the official stressed out.

“We are interested in tourists and businessmen coming here for the sake of getting familiar with the business climate in the country and conducting the relevant negotiations,” said Vladimir Makei.

Recall that the Belarus president decree on allowing foreign citizens to enter and leave Belarus without visas came into force on 12 February 2017.

Relations with the EU

Citizens of 80 countries, including all the EU member states, can stay in Belarus for five days without visas provided they enter via the Minsk National Airport.

“To stay past the (five-day period), they will have to register with the local police department but we are working to address that, too,” said Vladimir Makei.

Work is also in progress on Belarus’ mutual agreements with the EU — on facilitating visa regulations and on readmission.

Vladimir Makei said he believes that European partners are ready to advance work on this document.

“I think we will be able to sign mutually beneficial agreements in the near future,” said Vladimir Makei.

In his words, a number of technicalities and a couple of political things, which can be described as problems, are left to be addressed. Work is in progress to address them.

In Grodno alone, where a visa-free program was launched in October last year, tourists spent over $10 million during the last 12 months.