Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Anton Surapin to get 8 million rubles for time in KGB jail

Artsiom Martynovich, Euroradio

Photographer Anton Surapin has won Br8 million in moral damages for his time in a KGB jail. In 2012, the young photographer was detained for photos of the "Teddy Troopers", which had a great response. According to the law enforcement authorities, Anton allegedly helped the organizers of the teddy bear stunt get illegally into Belarus. He spent a month in jail.

It took him several years to obtain compensation, Anton told Euroradio.

Anton Surapin: "From 2013 to 2014 I was trying to get the KGB to issue a document that I have the right to compensation of moral damages. The KGB did not issue such a document. When I returned from the army, together with my lawyer we decided to file a case in court. I filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Finance."

Suryapin filed a claim for Br190 million but the court ordered the Finance Ministry is to compensate him only 8 million.

The "Teddy Troopers" stunt was held in Belarus by Swedish citizens in 2012. They illegally flew a small plane across the Belarusian border and dropped teddy bears with human rights slogans attached to them. Anton Surapin was the first man to post the photos of the toy "paratroopers" online.

Anton Surapin to get 8 million rubles for time in KGB jail