Updated at 14:13,24-01-2022

Teddy Bears attack Belarus' embassies


The Association for Modernization in the Czech Republic held an action in Prague to show solidarity with Belarusian journalists and activists detained in connection with the case of the Swedish teddy bears "bombing".

Posters "Freedom to Surapin!" and a teddy bear appeared near the Belarusian embassy in Prague.

These bears have appeared near Belarus' embassies in other European countries, too.

Since July 13 the BSU student from journalism department Anton Surapin has being kept in the KGB jail. The young man is accused of aiding a group of people in illegal border crossing. Investigators are trying to find out how Anton Suryapin got the photos of teddy bears calling for freedom of speech in Belarus, prior to placing them on his website. Anton Suryapin said the pictures had been sent to him via email by an unknown.

Minsk citizen Sergei Basharimov is in KGB jail since July 6, being accused of the same actions.