Updated at 11:40,06-05-2021

Boxing star Hurkou: National symbols belong to Belarusian people not opposition


In an interview to Euroradio, the Belarusian muay thai fighter and member of Brutto Vital Hurkou expressed his attitude towards the national flag and emblem of "Pursuit". Hurkou said why the 'Pursuit' coat of arms is depicted on his mouth guard.

Vital Hurkou: "I think that it's part of our history. These symbols belong to the people of Belarus...The Pursuit motivates me, it helps me to win".

Hurkou also spoke about the official state symbols. He said he had gone to the podium with a red-green flag a number of times and does not consider that it is necessary to divide Belarusians into supporters of white-red-white or red-and-green flags.

Vital Hurkou: "In the international arena today, Belarus is officially know by this flag, I did not renounce it, I am loyal to it and have put it up a number of times, rising to the highest step of the podium as a fighter team of Belarus. It is necessary to unite and work together to address the difficulties facing the country. Those people who today divide Belarusians hit the country's sovereignty".

Because of the "Pursuit" mouth guard, at a meeting of the Muay Thai and kickboxing federation Hurkou was almost labelled an extremists and opposition activist and forced to leave and jump on in the Brutto band.