Updated at 11:32,05-05-2021

Enough money raised for Vital Hurkou’s Muay Thai world championship campaign


Members of the People’s Champion campaign have collected Br68.2 million via the crowdfunding website Talaka.by. The Muay Thai boxer can take part in the world championship in Sweden now.

The action started when Euroradio published ths story about Vital Hukrkou who was deprived of his payroll at the Ministry of Sports because of participation in the musical band Brutto, according to the boxer. As a result, the state could not find any money to send him to the world championship. Hurkou has won the Belarusian Thai boxing championship again this year and there is no formal reason not to send him to Sweden.

Hurkou has to make some money on the side now. He is a coach at the Minsk-based club Moby-Dick. Tours with Brutto are at the moment not very good for making money either. If the state decides to finance the boxer’s participation in the world championship, the raised money will be spent on a charity.