Updated at 13:33,29-11-2021

Selfies still banned in Minsk metro


There are no plans to lift the ban on photos in the Minsk metro, according to the statement by the spokesman of Minsk Metro Andrei Kuzmin at a news conference on March 3.

According to him, BelaPAN reports, the decision to ban the photos in the metro was made, "because people sometimes cross the boundaries of what is permitted and reasonable." Kuzmin explained: "As a result, in the social networks and the media appeared photos that showed the metro in a very unfavorable light."

Unlike in Moscow or St. Petersburg, there are not so many lovers of selfies and tourists who want to take photos in the metro, said Kuzmin. He cited an example, when one of the cameramen of the Belarusian TV channel, with the permission of the metro officials, was filming the train and almost fell under it.

Deputy Director of metro Aleg Kruglou noted that the ban on the photos is justified by security concerns: "The person taking photos does not control him or herself and thus interferes with the normal movement of passengers, this may result in injury in some circumstances."