Updated at 13:38,03-06-2024

Art gallery in Minsk selling figures of Hitler (photo)


The Fuhrer can be purchased along with Stalin and other heroes and anti-heroes of the Second World War - they are part of a chess set.

The bespoke chess set featuring figurines of Hitler and other leaders of the Third Reich can be bought in the center of Minsk. They are confronted by Stalin and his associates.

Euroradio found out in the Art Gallery that the special chess set was specifically made for the 70th anniversary of the Victory. It was put out for sale only recently and is has yet to spark interest.

"Hitler is there, so what? They were all soldiers of war," said an employee of the gallery. Euroradio learned that the author of the unusual set is a Minsk sculptor Leanid Halauko, famous for his chess fantasies.

Art gallery in Minsk selling figures of Hitler (photo)

Halauko has been engaged in production of souvenir chess sets for a while. He has already embodied in small ceramic figurines Kutuzov, Napoleon, Jan III Sobieski, and even George Washington.

The set with Hitler and Stalin costs more than 61 million rubles. One should choose sides in such a game very carefully.