Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Stalin magnets for sale in Minsk Central Bookshop


The souvenirs are popular with foreigners, the bookshop administration says.

Iosif Stalin magnets are available in Minsk Central Bookshop, an indignant reader wrote to Nasha Niva. Millions of people were killed in Stalin’s repressions and there were 100 thousand Belarusians among them, he reminded. About a thousand Belarusian cultural and scientific figures got repressed. He believes that selling items that glorify Stalin in Minsk shop is amoral.

The souvenirs are popular with tourists and ‘this is our history’, the bookshop administration says.

The reader of Nasha Niva is asking everyone to write complaints in the complaint book of the Central Bookshop until the magnets are removed from the shop.