Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022
Over 300 Ukrainians enter Belarus past weekend
16 май 2022, 13:32 | English / Society

“From 6.00 on 14 May to 6.00 on 16 May, 324 citizens of Ukraine came to Belarus: 3 from Ukraine, 259 - from Poland, 57 – from Lithuania, 5 – from Latvia,” read more

Kochanova: A lot has been done in Belarus, China to improve status of women
02 май 2022, 13:35 | English / Society

A lot has been done in Belarus and China to improve the status of women, Chairwoman of the Council of the Republic Natalya Kochanova said read more

Lukashenko praises progress in restoration of Chernobyl-hit regions
02 май 2022, 13:27 | Main story / Society

The state will be doing everything necessary for the Belarusian lands suffered from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, Lukashenko said read more

Minister: No disruption of medicine deliveries to Belarus
19 апрель 2022, 13:52 | English / Society

There is no disruption of medicine deliveries to Belarus and it is unlikely to emerge any time soon, Pinevich said read more

Lukashenko concerned about illegal drugs trade
19 апрель 2022, 13:44 | English / Society

Close attention should be paid to the fight against illegal trade in narcotics. Lukashenko made the statement read more

More than 1,600 Ukrainians enter Belarus over past weekend
11 апрель 2022, 14:03 | English / Society

More than 1,600 citizens of Ukraine entered Belarus over the past weekend read more

1,043 Ukrainians enter Belarus in past 24 hours
06 апрель 2022, 15:25 | English / Society

A total of 1,043 citizens of Ukraine entered Belarus in the past 24 hours read more

Lukashenko gives his take on idea to block YouTube, foreign social networks
28 март 2022, 13:30 | English / Society

Lukashenko gave his take on the idea to block YouTube and foreign social networks in the country as he hosted a meeting to discuss the state of things in mass media read more

2,734 Ukrainians enter Belarus since 25 March
28 март 2022, 13:11 | English / Society

Since Friday, 25 March, 2,734 citizens of Ukraine entered Belarus. read more

Lukashenko: Belarus will remain a socially-oriented state
07 март 2022, 13:09 | English / Society

Education, healthcare, culture and sport will remain available for everyone, Lukashenko said read more

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