Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

Russian Self-Defence to blame for seizure of Crimean government buildings


The buildings were seized by members of the Russian-speaking Self-Defence, RIA Novosti reports.

Information about armed strangers who seized the Crimean Parliament and Verkhovna Rada appeared earlier.

Russian flags were hoisted on both Ukrainian administrative buildings now. The flags of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea were left.

Russian speakers are creating self-defence groups in Crimea now, mass media report. They are heading for Simferopol.

A flash-bang grenade was blown up near the Crimean Parliament when Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish and other international journalists tried to enter the building, UNIAN reports. People in the buildings drove journalists away threatening to start shooting at them.

The centre of Simferopol is closed. The police have gathered there.