Updated at 23:17,14-04-2021

Russian MPs crave for Crimea’s integrating into Russia


A special delegation of the State Duma [Russian Parliament] offered Russian passports to the residents of the Crimea, Ukrainian journalist Oleg Kryuchkov wrote on his Facebook account.

‘Russia’s State Duma deputies headed by Leonid Slutski, Chairman of the CIS Executive committee, have arrived in Simferopol,’ he said and added that the politician tool ‘passport priviledges’ to the Crimea. ‘Russia is to launch issuing passports using the simplified procedure and demands Ukraine should fulfil agreements between Yanukovych and opposition. And the most importang thing is that Russia will consider the issue very quickly in case the residents of the Crimea decide to merge in Russia in a referendum or the parliament of the Crimea addresses Russia with such request,’ Oleg Kruchkou quotes the representatives of the State Duma.

The Ukrainian polititical analysts do not rule out that the issue of separation of the Crimea might be raised in an Ukrainian-wide referendum along with dual citizenship and the status of the state language.