Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

Russian parliament registers Crimea annexation bill


The bill on annexation of Crimea was registered by 16 Russian MPs on February 28, Ukrainian Pravda reports referring to the website of the Duma.

The bill says: "If it is impossible to sign an international treaty in connection with the absence of the sovereign state government able to protect its citizens, defend their rights and liberties and fulfill the state functions, the Russian Federation can annex part of a foreign state as a new federative object."

The object can be annexed "after a referendum conducted according to the foreign state’s legislation if the idea of joining the Russian Federation is approved or according to an appeal of the government of the mentioned part of the foreign state."

Crimea is openly mentioned in the letter of explanation attached to the bill.

The self-declared Crimean government controlled by Russia used to claim that the peninsula was not going to join the Russian Federation. They just wanted extended autonomy rights.