Updated at 14:03,08-08-2022

KGB lieutenant colonel about the 'letter to CIA'


Special services are trying to justify themselves for failures?

This is how a former counterintelligence officer and retired KGB lieutenant colonel Siarhej Aniska commented for the charter97.org web-site on another authorities' attempt to discredit a political prisoner Andrej Hajdukou.

"If you ask me, I'd rather the KGB chairman did not command to publish this article and the scandalous story of Andrej Hajdukou's "spy case" would have started fading in memories bit by bit. But the KGB officers themselves provoke inevitable idle talks among the society on their professional level, although this special service has always had the rule: counterintelligence, like money, likes silence. One may wonder what was the purpose of this article's publication in the Soviet Belorussia. There is always a purpose of one of the two kinds. First – political, but I do not see it, since Hajdukou is as good a spy as some politicians are ballet dancers. On the contrary, this article will provoke a squall of negative reaction in Belarus on the part of the opposition and human rights activists, and also abroad. Second – the economic purpose, but economy has nothing to do with it. So the only answer remains that this article's emergence is a special services' attempt to justify themselves for a badly disguised failure in their work", - the former law enforcer is convinced.

The expert pointed out that he had read the whole article attentively and it seemed interesting to him that the CIA received the letter, but did not contact Andrej Hajdukou.

"They read the letter, analyzed and perfectly saw that it is either a game behind him, or he is a guy with whom they should not deal. That is why the CIA did not even respond to the letter, although I did not see anything in it that would even remotely remind of a spy message. I can only see that it is farfetched. Yes, he writes that "we see the ways to solving the problems in the preparation of young leaders, carrying out informational political actions, broadening legal awareness among the citizens", So what? This is like Ostap Bender's desire to help homeless hungry children. Even more so, he adds that "we would like to receive your consultations, advice on this issue". He does not offer the CIA any secrets and does not ask to give him explosives", - the KGB lieutenant colonel emphasized.

He highlighted that Andrej Hajdukou wanted to get money for the realization of his civil and political activities.

"Many receive grants in our country: political parties, public associations and others. He wanted to get money, rent an office, obtain a registration and hold educational seminars. That is why I do not see any espionage in the letter. Even more so, if he wanted to obtain a foreign grant, let's in this case file cases against many state bodies. Many higher education establishments and people from the Academy of Sciences receive foreign grants in Belarus. If you follow the logic that he asked money for his political activities, then cases may be filed against the Customs and Border Control Committees of Belarus, because the border check-points are built for the European Union's money. In any case, I believe that KGB has a chance to rehabilitate themselves and prove that they do not eat the people's bread for nothing. I think in about three months we will witness another trial on another "spy case", - Siarhej Aniska summarized.

We would remind that Lukashenka administration's newspaper published a provocative article about Andrej Hajdukou, which gave the text of the "letter to CIA", which the political prisoner allegedly sent via his friend going to Germany.