Updated at 14:13,24-01-2022

Several arrests at Lukashenka’s executive office


President confirmed that a part of the officials from the executive office were arrested.

A. Lukashenka has expressed a number of critiques towards the executive office, pointing at the facts of manipulation with economic indicators in the state agency and also at serious drawbacks in the work with personnel, Interfax reports.

"Inexplicable, to put it mildly, manipulations with economic indicators take place. Moreover, direct financial violations are being revealed, which become an object of consideration from a Criminal Code standpoint. It's beyond human understanding how that became possible in this agency", - Lukashenka stated on Thursday at a meeting on the issues of increasing the efficiency of the dictator’s executive office and its subordinate organizations.

He pointed at serious drawbacks in the work with personnel. "Not only do not they grow professionally, but often they degrade in business and moral senses, it lead them to a jail", - Lukashenka said. In regard to this, he emphasized, "young prospective managers are needed, chief specialists, able to revive the economy, financial policy, investment activities".

The ruler stated that the necessity of today’s meeting was explained by that the results, that the organizations with the executive office’s structure reached, "are very unsatisfactory". "I consider the main reason for today’s conversation to be the dangerous stagnation in the work of such an important agency as yours, and it (the stagnation -Interfax) becomes apparent almost in everything", - he stated.