Updated at 15:24,15-04-2021

Swedish rights activists 'bomb' Belarusian officials

Nasha Niva

Swedish human rights group Östgruppen performed its solidarity action “Bear Drop–2” several months after the employees of Swedish PR-agency Studio Total intruded Belarusian air space and dropped around 800 pro-democracy teddy bears over Minsk and Ivianiec.

This time the bears were "dropped" absolutely legally and furthermore pointed: the Östgruppen sent the bears via mail. The teddy bears with pro-freedom and pro-democracy signs are to be delivered to blacklisted Belarusian officials and politicians who are suspected of human rights violations.

The bears for the action were collected by volunteers.

"Lukashenka was infuriated and accused the bears of illegally crossing the state border," he said. "They were arrested and taken to police stations. That is why we plan to send the bears in parcels…directly to Lukashenka and his friends," said Martin Uggla, the leader of Östgruppen.