Updated at 12:42,19-04-2021

Jarmoshyna expects mass provocations at parliamentary elections

The chairperson of Belarus’ Central Election Commission Lidzija Jarmoshyna said the opposition was preparing for the mass of provocations at the parliamentary elections on September 23

"There will be a lot of provocations and scandals at these elections. Moreover, every action of the authorities and election commissions will always be appealed", said Lidzija Jarmoshyna in an interview with Belarusian TV on July 16.

The CEC Chairperson believes that in this way opposition would provoke the authorities to aggression. "It will be a nervous election campaign. It would be focused to get us all out of patience, so that we could forget in a rush somewhere and sometime, perhaps, behave more aggressively", she said.

According to Ms. Jarmoshyna, "we will make every effort and try to calmly respond to such questions".

Commenting on the current stage of elections campaign on July 19 Lidzija Jarmoshyna noted the elections are sluggish. "I honestly worry about the voters. I wish they are interested, and interest happens only when there are interesting and worthy candidates", she said.