Updated at 13:31,08-06-2021

Amnesty International didn't recognized Kavalenka as a prisoner of conscience

International human rights organization Amnesty International has refused a formal request from the deputy of EuroParliament Marek Migalski to recognize Sergei Kavalenka as a prisoner of conscience

At the same time director of Amnesty International in Europe and Central Asia, John Dalhousie said in his letter to Migalski that his organization will continue to follow Kavalenka's case and if necessary will intervene.

Taking a decision in the organization they were guided by the testimony of police officers who said that Kavalenka maintained resistance.

Due to the fact that Amnesty International "believed the words of policemen, who blindly executed the command" of the Belarusian regime, Marek Migalski encourages the organization to review the case and admit Kavalenka as a political prisoner.