Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Lyabedzka: Putin will make a lot to return to an analog of the USSR


Events in Bolotnaya Square in Moscow on May 6 have canceled the previous efforts of the Russian government to democratize the country, the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka believes.

The politician does not believe these events are a trend, which suggests that Russia is close in its behavior to the authoritarian Belarusian regime. However, to compare what is happening on the streets of Moscow with the events in December 2010 in Minsk is acceptable, Lyabedzka said in an interview with Radio Liberty.

According to him, Russian security forces are studying the Belarusian experience in the suppression of opposition, and some of its elements are used in practice. If the protests of Russian opposition will continue to grow, it is likely the state powers will use the pinpoint reforms, Lyabedzka convinced.

Speaking about the new presidential Putin's term the politician warns that "at least the Russian economic expansion will have place, and a lot will be done to return in some extent to an analog of the USSR".

According to Lyabedzka, the Belarusian opposition should cooperate with Russian supporters, who see Belarus as a sovereign European state.