Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Ministry of Justice refused to register the BCD


In the documents filed by a party to the Ministry of Justice on December 20, 2011 a number of mutual inconsistencies and contradictions was detected, told in the Ministry of Justice.

To clarify the situation with documents the agency has requested the documents from the BCD related to its creation twice, but has not received them from representatives of the party. In connection with this registration has been suspended.

"Analysis of the available documents showed that in the process of creating the PBHD the order of its creation had been violated, counterfeit or invalid documents were presented", told in the Ministry of Justice.

The agency believes that the number of delegates elected at the founding congress, did not meet the standard of representation established by the party's founders, and the powers of the Congress members were not properly vested.

BCD also failed to provide evidence of the lessor's authority to lease the office for the party, therefore the letter of guarantee on the availability of legal address is not recognized as a legally binding document.

In the list of the party's founders ​​a number of people were put twice, and their signatures do not match. The list includes individuals who do not identify themselves as the PBHD founders. Some founders are Russian citizens and can not serve as the BCD founders.

In the list of members of the governing body a part of the statute-established information is missing.

For these reasons, the Ministry of Justice invalidated the lists of the party's founders and leadership, and considered that several provisions of the BCD Charter do not comply with the Belarusian legislation.

"Given these facts, and guided by the law of the Republic of Belarus "On political parties", the Ministry of Justice on 14 February 2012 made the decision to refuse to register the PBHD", the statement of the Ministry of Justice says.