Updated at 11:40,06-05-2021

Sieviaryniets: No Participation in Parliamentary Elections


December 7, Co-Chair of the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Pavel Sieviaryniets stated about the inadmissibility of the opposition's participation in the parliamentary elections of 2012.

"The political situation should be totally different for participation in the campaign of 2012. The only thing left for the Belarusian democratic forces is boycotts," he said.

"There're, unfortunately, no parliamentary or other elections in Belarus. There is a lawless regime, a deep economic crisis, an attempt to create a new Soviet Union under Putin, but there is no choice. And most Belarusians are sure not to attend the event, being organized by Ermoshina now. All the more political prisoners are in jail. Candidates for such "elections" are at risk of being imprisoned as new political hostages," said Pavel Sieviaryniets, reported in the BCD.

A day earlier, December 6, there was held a meeting of leaders of the Coalition of Six (BPF, BCD, the Movement "For Freedom," campaign "Tell the Truth!", the United Civil Party and Left Party "Fair World"). Deputy Chairman of the UCP Lev Margolin says that the opposition has decided to create a list of national leaders for joint political campaigns, including parliamentary elections.

At the same time the Coalition has not yet decided on the format of the elections: an active boycott or nominations. In any case, it will hold general political campaigns and encourage other organizations to participate in them, reported in the UCP.

"The list of political leaders is not the leaders of the six major parties, formed a coalition, but leaders in each region. We have to see what forces we - Coalition of Six - have in the whole country," said Lev Margolin.