Updated at 13:10,05-06-2023

Minsk denies detention of alleged Belarusian mercenaries in Libya

The Belarusian foreign ministry’s spokesman has dismissed as false a report that some Belarusian mercenaries were detained in Libya during its civil war.

"This is an absurd allegation that has nothing to do with reality," spokesman Andrey Savinykh told BelaPAN on Tuesday. "There have never been Belarusian servicemen in Libya. Claims to the contrary are just ridiculous."

Belarus’ opposition news site charter97.org reported earlier in the day with reference to a source in Libya’s National Transitional Council that some 20 Belarusians suspected of fighting for the Qadhafi regime had been captured alive and 10 more had been killed in different parts of Libya.

Investigators are questioning the Belarusians, who are mostly marksmen, in an attempt to find out how they got into Libya and why, according to the report.

Minsk has repeatedly denied reports that Belarusian mercenaries have been involved in the Libyan war.