Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

Belarusian ambassador in Poland called on carpet


The Polish MFA called up the Belarusian ambassador Viktar Haisyonak over Lukashenka's remarks, who said the Poles allegedly dispute the western border of Belarus.

The Polish MFA turned attention of the Belarusian ambassador that Lukashenka's statements, where he assigns an intention to revise state borders to the Polish authorities, "do not have any grounds", Radio Liberty reports.

The Polish party reminded the representative of official Minsk that "independent Poland has never undermined the inviolable character of the Polish-Belarusian border, which is substantiated in the on good neighbourly relations and friendly cooperation of 1992".

The Polish MFA finds that Lukashenka's statements "have the most inflammatory character and are highly irresponsible and designed to provoke unnecessary problems in relations between neighbours".

"Belarusian society is well aware that Poland—in its policy towards Belarus—is driven by the European values, the will to protect human rights and basic freedoms and proposals to launch a real social dialogue, as a beginning of a democratic transformation in Belarus," the Polish MFA says.