Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Maira Mora: President assured - release of political prisoners will go on


Renewal of the dialogue between Belarus and the EU is possible only after release and rehabilitation of all political prisoners.

Head of Delegation of the European Union in Belarus, Ambassador Maira Mora has said this at a meeting with journalists. She passed her authorization documents to the Belarusian state leader yesterday.

Maira Mora: "We approve the recent steps taken by the Belarusian authorities in the direction of release of imprisoned politicians and opposition activists. We hope that they will be free in the nearest future. The European Union cannot consider the possibility of any movement until all the political prisoners are released and rehabilitated".

She also confessed that the EU had many hopes for the upcoming parliamentary election.

Maira Mora: "The next year's parliamentary election provides a new opportunity for Belarus to conduct the election in accordance with the accepted international standard and to move along the way of modernization".

Euroradio has asked whether the EU has a plan of actions for the case when all the political prisoners are released and rehabilitated. For example, will the economic sanctions against our country be withdrawn at once?

Maira Mora: "These limitations were introduced as an answer to what was happening. It was the collective decision of the European Union. To withdraw these limitations, the European Union needs to take another collective decision. When taking such a decision, all the amended circumstances will be considered".

Mrs. Maira has commented upon the yesterday's meeting with the Belarusian state leader and noted that he made it clear: the process of political prisoners' release will be continued. And this, according to the diplomat, may lead to Catherine Ashton's visit to Belarus in the future.