Updated at 18:53,10-09-2021

Lukashenko Orders To Develop Plan For Confronting “Protesters And Runaways”


Alexander Lukashenko believes that “it is necessary to build, and in some moments to rebuild” the work of the Security Council of Belarus. He stated this at a meeting with State Secretary of the Security Council Alexander Volfovich on 25 February, his press service reported.

There’s some misunderstanding in society

One of the issues that Lukashenko outlined at the meeting was ensuring stability and security in Belarus “in the current difficult year”.

“We never hid it. I spoke about it all the time. It will be a very difficult year. And not only because there is some misunderstanding in the society of the development processes in Belarus, a desire of some internal forces and especially external ones to destabilize the situation in Belarus. Without external forces, there would be no such pressure.

Today we already receive claims about sports. They are trying to manipulate and control us in violation of all charters and rules. But we’ll figure it out. It’s not a problem. But you see that little by little, using all possible means, they want to shake Belarus. Signals and concrete actions are come from abroad,” said Lukashenko.

He stated that “luckily we have located all these centres.”

“We know all these “zmagary” [freedom fighters in Belarus; used in a derogatory way – Ed.] and runaways from Belarus. But knowing is not enough. We must resist them. We should have an action plan if the situation deteriorates – we must foresee every little detail, taking into account the experience of Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and other post-Soviet republics. We have agreed on a long time ago, and I think that you are already ready for this,” he told Volfovich.

The work of the Security Council must be reorganized

“We should discuss a number of important issues. Of course, the main issue is the Apparatus of the Security Council and the functioning of the Security Council in general, which is chaired by the president. We need to improve some documents regarding the operation of the Security Council. On the experience of Russia, Kazakhstan and other close states I would like to know how they ensure the functioning of the Security Council,” Lukashenko noted.

He also stressed that this is not the first time Belarus relies on the best practices of security councils in these countries.

“Nevertheless, in our conditions, we need to build, and in some moments restructure the operation of the Security Council. The Security Council should convene regularly. It should discuss fundamental issues of security and defence of our state. As it was rightly noted, security is multilateral today – starting from food and economic security to military threats. Therefore, we need to address a wide range of issues.”

Recall that Alexander Volfovich took the post of State Secretary of the Security Council on January 26. Prior to that, he served as Chief of the General Staff – First Deputy Minister of Defense.