Updated at 13:30,09-04-2024

Activists on trial across Belarus over protests


Activists on trial across Belarus over protests
Photo: svaboda.org
The trials of activists continued for the second day in a row in various cities of Belarus.

In Brest, video blogger Siarhei Piatrukhin was sentenced in absentia to 15 days of arrest. Blogger Dzmitry Harbunou received the same verdict despite having shown his editorial assignment from Brestskaya Gazeta to cover the protest, reports Radio Svaboda. The mother of two Palina Sharenda-Panasyuk was detained in unknown circumstances and taken to court.

In Minsk, two BNF Youth members Mikita Krasnakutski and Mikalai Lohvinau was sentenced to 5 base rates (BYN115) each for handing out leaflets inviting people to attend the protest on Freedom Day, March 25. Also in Minsk, Maryna Nasenka was detained when she brought a food parcel for Vyachaslau Kasinerau who had been arrested for 5 days earlier. The young woman was sentenced to 12 days of arrest.

In Hrodna, Popular Front activist Vital Huluak was fined BYN690, United Civil Party member Iryna Davidovich — BYN345. Halina Lamashevich was fined BYN161, Volha Verameyenka — BYN345, Mikalai Salyanik — BYN184. The chairman od the Popular Front branch in Hrodna Vadzim Saranchukou was arrested for 13 days. UCP activist Jerzy Grygenczy received 15 days of arrest. Social Democracts activist Anatol Myshkevich was figned BYN575, activist Yauhen Braun — BYN345. BCD member Siarhei Verameyenka was sentenced to 15 days; his fellow activist Anton Vaiciekhau was fined BYN345, activist Aliaksandr Abukhovich — BYN575.

IN Mahilou, BCD activist Aleh Aksyonau was arrested for 15 days.

In Babrujsk, Aliaksei Ramanau was fined BYN 46 on charges of hooliganism. Maksim Buynitski will stand trial on March 16 but has gone on hunger strike in detention. Yauhen Vaskovich was arrested for 15 days. Yuras Hryniavetski who alone raises a 14-year-old daughter was fined BYN690 (1USD=2BYN).