Updated at 17:18,18-06-2021

Lukashenka happy with 'unpoliticized parliament' in Belarus


Alyaksandr Lukashenka commented on the parliamentary election campaign during his visit to Braslau District on August 4.

The Belarusian president mentioned the biggest advantage of the activities in the House of Representatives: “They work professionally and quietly, without quarrelling and shouting.”

Lukashenka compared Belarusian MPs to their colleagues in other countries. Belarusian MPs are not ‘politicized’, he thinks. “Look around. Some MPs fight in Parliament, they are politicized and there are oligarchs’ groups and some people pay to become MPs,” BELTA quotes the Belarusian president. Rich people will not be able to force their people into the Belarusian Parliament, he stressed.

The election campaign in Belarus is quiet, the president reckons. There are more than 6 candidates per seat and this is a good sign, he said.