Updated at 14:03,08-08-2022

Minsk election committees: oppositionists get 3 out of 130 spots


Nothing has changed and the election ‘is going to be rigged’, coordinator of the observation campaign Dzyanis Sadouski thinks.

Coordinator of the observation campaign Right of Choice Dzyanis Sadouski has attended the meeting where the list of members of Minsk election committees was announced. The democratic forces have got only 3 spots out of 130.

“Having analyzed the committees’ staff at the previous elections, we have noticed an interesting thing: 65% of the members have never changed. Only democratic activists and representatives of city organizations change. It is being done just for the looks and the members seem to be dummies. It is almost impossible for democratic activists and representatives of the civil society to get to the committees,” Sadouski believes.

The presidential election scheme will be the same as in 2010, the observer thinks.

“Unfortunately, we have to admit that nothing has changed. The elections will be rigged the same way as it was done in the past,” Sadouski said.

BPF Party member Zmitser Kaspyarovich has been included in Minsk City Election Committee, BSDP (H) representative has got to Zavodski District election committee and a member of the Fair World has been included in the committee of Minsk Soviet District.