Updated at 13:22,17-06-2024

Opposition sends people of shocking behavior to committees


Election committees do not need people who may exercise pressure on the other members, she said.

CEC chairperson Lidziya Yarmoshyna has commented on the participation of the opposition in the work of election committees. She gave an interview in the programme Contours on ONT.

Half of election committee members cannot be oppositionists because the opposition lacks people, she claimed. “Our local election committees do not like fulfilling the demands of the opposition. And I can understand them because most of opposition candidates are citizens of shocking behavior confronting the authorities all the time,” Yarmoshyna added.

These people are already notorious, the CEC chairperson said. Their relations with the authorities are rather tense. Election committees do not want members who ‘will exercise constant pressure on the normal, tolerant members fulfilling their civil duties’, Yarmoshyna noted. Opposition members usually join election committees for self-PR, she believes.

There are intelligent and tolerant people in the opposition, the official added. They will be able to join election committees. “However, the number that satisfies the authorities does not satisfy the opposition. It would be nonremunerative to entrust the work of election committees to irresponsible people who simply want a scandal as it would threaten the work of the whole election campaign,” Yarmoshyna thinks.