Updated at 13:22,17-06-2024

Mass media: Russian drone shot down near Mahilyou


A passer-by noticed it. The Ministry of Defence has not commented on the incident yet.

A Russian drone has been shot down in Mstislaul District of Mahilyou Province, a passer-by told tut.by. The man was riding his bicycle near the village of Kartyzhy when he noticed a small plane in the air. The witness stopped to look at it and saw a glare and the sound of fireworks. The plane turned over and fell down near the forest.

The man approached the device and saw that it was about 3 meters long and 2 meters wide and there was no pilot. There were no tokens on the fuselage. The witness managed to photograph the crash site. Belarusian military men arrived 10 minutes later, encircled the plane, interrogated the man and asked him to leave.

The witness tried identifying the drone himself at home. The plane resembles the Russian Ptero-G0 most of all. Judging by the description on the website, the drone is meant for photographing objects, measuring the radiation background, revealing the source of interference and measuring diagrams of antenna systems.

There are no complexes like this in the Belarusian Army but they are available in the Russian Army.

The Belarusian Ministry of Defence has not commented on the incident yet.