Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022

Ministry of Information explains how they find violations on sites

Ales Piletski, Euroradio

They also advised users of social networks and bloggers against violating the law.

According to Victoryia Myaleshka, employee of the Information Ministry legal department, violations are found by the officials reading information on the websites and via complaints sent to the Ministry. "It happens both ways. Unfortunately, currently, I cannot tell you the way violations were found in each case. I do not have the necessary documents on hand. But both methods are used," said the employee of legal department.

When asked whether bloggers and users of social networks should expect "notifications" from the Ministry, the Ministry of Information advised to simply "not violate the law." This way, they said, everything will be fine.

Over the last week, the letters with notifications about the violations found on the websites were received by five media outlets. Ministry of Information asked them to provide information about the owners of sites and warned that in each case there will be taken measures - from the request to remove the materials to an official warning.