Updated at 18:49,15-10-2021

Corruption rating: Belarus shares 119th position with African countries


The situation has improved a little in comparison with the last year’s result.

The international anticorruption movement Transparency International has published its annual Corruption Perceptions Index. The most corrupt countries are North Korea and Somali – they have 8 points each. The most corruption-free states are Denmark, New Zealand and Finland (92, 92, 98), BBC reports.

Belarus is in the 119th position (together with Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Vietnam) this year. It was in the 123rd place last year. Transparency International has included 175 countries in the rating.

"The Corruption Perceptions Index 2014 shows that economic development becomes impossible and efforts directed against corruption are fruitless when leaders and high-ranking officials abuse power to gain personal benefit from state money,” head Transparency International Jose Ugas said.