Updated at 13:19,16-08-2022

Most probable date of presidential elections announced


Central Election Commission chairwoman Lidziya Yarmoshyna says November 15, 2015 is the most likely date for the next presidential polls in Belarus.

On November 12, head of the CEC Lidziya Yarmoshyna spoke in Minsk at the international conference Electoral Processes in the CIS.

According to Yarmoshyna, as reported by BelaPAN, future presidential elections "have caused some interest. I expressed the hope that the elections will be supported by the voters of our country and recognized by the international community, and will also contribute to the good of our country."

The most likely date for the presidential election announced by Yarmoshyna is Sunday, November 15, 2015.

However, she also said that the elections will be called by members of the House of Representatives. This is the only election in Belarus, which is not called by the head of state.