Updated at 21:04,23-03-2021

Lukashenko wants Putin and Poroshenko to meet in Minsk


The Belarusian leader informed today about preparations for the meeting of the presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, which may include the President of Ukraine.

Lukashenko said this during a meeting with leaders of the communist parties of Russia and Ukraine Giennady Zyuganov and Petro Symonenko.

Belarusian political scientist Waler Karbalevich believes that the proposal for such a meeting is an idea only of Lukashenko himself. According to the expert, the Ukrainian president could come to Minsk only in when in Moscow occur serious signals of willingness to resolve the conflict by peaceful means. Karbalevich adds, however, that such signals may appear on the sidelines of the meeting Putin, Lukashenko and Nazarbayev, if it comes to fruition.

Political scientist Raman Jakuleuski stresses that Petro Poroshenko does not reject initiatives of Belarusian president if he considers that they may be useful to him. The expert believes that Poroshenko is ready for such a meeting - and waits for the Kremlin response.

Lukashenko did not hesitate to accuse the EU and the United States of provoking tensions in the region - "At the beginning I said that we will be drawn into this fight as into a funnel to create a source of tension here, which lead to what we have now."