Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

Jaroslav Romanchuk Against Privatization of Large-Scale Belarusian Enterprises


A presidential contender, economist Jaroslav Romanchuk, thinks that it is inexpedient to privatize inexpedient Belarusian enterprises in the current economic and political situation. He claimed it during a presentation of the thesis of his programme "A million vacancies for Belarusians" in Minsk headquarters of the BNF Party on August 25, reports BelaPAN.

The economist thinks that the authorities want to sell the most valuable Belarusian enterprises for nothing in order to live up to the elections. However, Belarus will not benefit from it.

Romanchuk noted that the deals will be concluded according to an opaque plan, that the necessary privatization terms will not be fulfilled and that there will be no experts to define the real price.

If the authorities sell enterprises that are strategically important, the economist says that the new democratic government Romanchuk is going to create if he wins the elections will do everything to nullify the deals in court.