Updated at 15:24,15-04-2021

Sale of Belarusian enterprises will begin in summer


Trapped in a vise of economic crisis, Belarusian authorities have no other option but to sell "the family silver". While the long queue of buyers is not observed, and the list itself is kept behind closed doors. But it is obvious, the main players during the Belarusian privatization will be Russian businessmen. This is the pay of Minsk for cheap energy.

The first sale of Belarusian enterprises included in a new privatization plan will begin in summer 2012. This was reported by the head of accounting and disposition of shares of the State Property Fund of the State Property Committee, Anna Kornievich, on February 16th during the Forum "The capital market of the Republic of Belarus" in Minsk.

According to her, the new privatization plan is actually ready. "The plan was formed, and privatization will be introduced on Monday, February 20, to the head of state", Kornievich said.

The new plan includes 190 joint stock companies, 133 of which will be sold this year. At the same time 83 of them were included in the new privatization plan from the list of businesses that failed to sell in 2011.

However, according to Kornievich, more than 40 enterprises are brand-new ones in terms of privatization. The representative of the State Property Committee noted that if the plan is approved by the Head of State, the sale of enterprises to start in mid-summer. "Prior to this we will conduct the market assessment of the enterprises", she added.

When asked by BelaPAN, at the expense of which enterprises it is planned to involve the claimed two and a half billion dollars, Anna Kornievich said that at that time the appropriate list was being prepared. "The list is not final, and it is prepared for harmonization", Kornievich said.

We remind that in 2012 the government expects to receive from the sale of the state property $2.5 billion. This is one of conditions for granting loan to Belarus from the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund in the amount of $3 billion.

Among the major "candidates" for sale is the state share in the Belarusian "daughter" of MTS. The authorities evaluate it at one billion dollars. The price was personally named by Lukashenko. "We are not against: $ 1 billion on the table", the president said. "Assessment was made. Want to buy - please, don't want - we'll put up for auction".

But for these money no one wants to buy the shares.